Welcome to the homepage of Drammen Handball Club – Drammen

Welcome to the homepage of Drammen Handball Club

Drammen Handball Club was founded March 3. 1992. The foundation was the result of a long going project where Handball Clubs in Drammen and Lier gathered to discuss how to build a «Top Team» candidate for the region.
The project resulted in two Clubs joining forces – Reistad IL from Lier and Sturla IF from Drammen.  The two Clubs transferred their Senior Players to the new Club called Drammen Handball Club, but continued as separate entities concentrating on development of children and youngsters.

The Colors of Drammen Handball Club became blue – the same color as background of the City Town Arms.  In 1992 Reistad IL was qualified to play in Norway Premier division, so Drammen really got a flying start starting at the top level.  Unfortunately Drammen did not make it through and was degraded to the 2nd division the year after.

In 1993 Drammen HC signed up a talented swedish trainer with the name of Kent Harry Anderson, and already next year Drammen HC returned to the Premier Division.  This was the beginning of a series of successes that was crowned in 1995, bringing home the City Cup as the first norwegian Club ever to win an european title.

Some of the best Norway Internationals Players started their senior careers at Drammen HC, such as Glenn Solberg, Frode Hagen and Kristian Kjelling.

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Drammen Handball Club

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Drammen Handballklubb
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Drammen Handballklubb
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Håkon W. Røine Chairman
Eivind Nygaard Managing Director
Morten Guldvik Sales Manager
Bente K. Holm Marketing & Office Support
Morten Holm Coordinator European Cups
Marinko Kurtovic Trainer/Coach (Elite)
webMaster Morten S. Holm